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Warning! Our Alpaca's will steal your heart!

Listen up.... no really, come closer and listen... I’M JESTER and I’m the real deal.


You might think “cute alpaca” but I’m a SEXY alpaca! I got the memo that mullets were back in. My curly front mullet is always a talking point. Well at least, I’m sure that’s what they’re all saying even though I don’t speak Human.


I rule this roost. I’m the Alpha. The top dog, in the drivers seat. If alpacas wore pants, I’d wear them.


Welcome to MY paddock. Pleased for you to meet me.


“Just give me your number already” is what all the girls say to me when they see my perfect coat. Ladies, please, there is enough fluff for everybody. Handsome beast I am.


I've got this casual elegance about me, you know? Whether I'm strolling through the paddock or striking a pose for the gram, I do it with a level of finesse that's hard to ignore. My fur is my fashion statement, always on point and ready for any occasion.

I’M LOUIE-CHINO, a name derived because my humans couldn’t decide whether to call me Louie, or Cappuccino.


I’m known for my random acts of “wigging out”. Some of my best dance moves get thrown into the mix when this happens.


I’m a Suri alpaca so when my locks grow, I get long dreadlocks. Naturally, I’m a diehard reggae fan.


I’m very shy. But it’s not you, it’s me. The handsome ones don’t need to speak, they just let their handsomeness do it’s thing.


I’m known for my “settle down with me in the sunshine in this paddock” eyes. I love me a bit of “Natures netflix and chill”.


I’m the alpaca equivalent of a yoga instructor. I can often be found in a state of deep contemplation, seemingly pondering the mysteries of the universe or simply savouring the gentle breeze.


I’m a gentle, grateful soul, made easily happy with some company, some food and long walks around the paddock.

I’M PEANUT, the new kid on the block. Sadly, I lost my mumma in the Woorooloo fires, so this is my furry family now.


I’m a stage 5 clinger and I know it. I have no care for the personal space of my humans. So, as you can imagine, my Love Language is “Physical Touch”.


Always ready to meet new people, I just want to spread love. But sometimes, “Spit happens”. I can’t control it!


Hope you like my profile. xx

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